Spots - Locations where you always get a new Hookah Story


2nd Merarchias 8, Piraeus 185 35

Beluga is located in the busy section of Trouba, Piraues, which is famous for its multicultural cuisine and relaxed atmosphere, as well as its well known cocktails and wide variety of wines. Ideal for parties, live shows and its hookah. Also, while inside, one can marvel at its glass floor which cobers various archaeological finds.

Friday 21:00 – Closing
Saturday 21:00 – Closing
Sunday 20:00 – Closing
Live Day 21:00 – Closing


Iakhou 22, Athens 118 54

In the hear of the center of Athens, at Iakhou 22, is Gazi View. People of all ages can marvel at the Acropolis, Technopolis and Gazi, while enjoying a drink. However, every Friday and Saturday, they can also party and enjoy a hookah, too!

Friday 21:00 – Closing
Saturday 21:00 – Closing


Theomitoros 34, Agios Dimitrios, 17342

Do you want to party till the morning and forget about the everyday routine? Then, for sure, you will find yourself in Baraki, located in Alimos! From Wednesday to Saturday, all kinds of parties await, with all kinds of music too. After midnight, it opens its doors for you to pour yourself into the rhythm of music, dance, and hookah.

Wednesday 00:00 – Closing
Thursday 00:00 – Closing
Friday 00:00 – Closing
Saturday 00:00 – Closing


Akti Themistokleous 25, Piraeus 18537

Pisina is located at Marina Zeas, Athens, and it stands out for its unique view. Under the sounds of soft music and gazing at the endless blue, one can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning,and a hookah, accompanied by special cocktails, in the evening.

Friday 19:00 – Closing
Saturday 19:00 – Closing
Sunday 19:00 – Closing